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Chalav U'Dvash Israel Scholarship

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There is only so much that you can do while you're in the Brandeis Bubble, and obviously research can take on many forms beyond living in the library. The Chalav U'Dvash Israel Scholarship is your opportunity to get to Israel, do research part-time while also experiencing a related internship, and have your findings published in the Chalav U'Dvash journal. Your research will be self-directed, meaning that you bring us your idea, and we'll help you turn it into a reality, but you will have the ultimate control over what you do. If you feel constrained by the structure and restrictions of many other Israel programs, our scholarship is a great place to start learning and writing about issues you really care about.

We are searching out candidates seeking to deepen their understanding of a movement, an historical occurrence, an aspect of daily life, politics, or a sector of the economy, just to name a few possibilities. The ultimate goals of the project are for you to grow in your understanding of Israel, Zionism, and the Jewish people, to publish your findings in Chalav U'Dvash, and of course, for you to have a great time!

The application process is simple. We ask only for some information about yourself, a writing sample, and a recommendation from a professor. We will evaluate candidates based on this application and a short interview; as we know how early people make summer plans, we aim to be prompt regarding our decision.

The scholarship program is for you, so we do not have many requirements for your involvement. Our basic expectations are that you will work at an internship or other job in Israel related to your research, and also work part time on primary research for your article, such as interviews and surveys. We also expect that you will write an article for Chalav U'Dvash based on your research, and receiving the full scholarship will depend upon this. Also we are planning several Chalav U'Dvash "salon" meetings for Chalav U'Dvash members in Israel that we suggest you attend. Outside of this, we trust you to take advantage of this great opportunity for self-expression and personal exploration!

Chalav U'Dvash: Brandeis' Journal of Zionist Thought (Print ISSN 1559-1069, Online ISSN 1559-1077) is an independent forum for discussion relating to Israel, Zionism, and the Jewish People and is a recognized club by the Brandeis Student Union. We publish a journal twice per semester, and copies are available free-of-charge to Brandeis students. Contact us to request copies.

Chalav U'Dvash has no ideological or political bias. We give our writers the opportunity and freedom to express their opinions and viewpoints within a well-researched and factual framework, and so any bias within Chalav U'Dvash is strictly that of our writers and not the journal itself.

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