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Chalav U'Dvash

Brandeis' Journal of Zionist Thought
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Chalav U'Dvash is available free-of-charge to Brandeis students. We place copies around campus, and as well, deliver copies via the campus mail system to members of our mailing list.

Even if you are not a Brandeis student, if you are interested in receiving copies of Chalav U'Dvash, you are more than welcome to! Fill out the following form and we will mail you your requested number of copies.

Please recognize that we may be unable to send you more than five copies at a time.

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Chalav U'Dvash: Brandeis' Journal of Zionist Thought (Print ISSN 1559-1069, Online ISSN 1559-1077) is an independent forum for discussion relating to Israel, Zionism, and the Jewish People and is a recognized club by the Brandeis Student Union. We publish a journal twice per semester, and copies are available free-of-charge to Brandeis students. Contact us to request copies.

Chalav U'Dvash has no ideological or political bias. We give our writers the opportunity and freedom to express their opinions and viewpoints within a well-researched and factual framework, and so any bias within Chalav U'Dvash is strictly that of our writers and not the journal itself.

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