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Brandeis' Journal of Zionist Thought
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Critics Gone Wild

Steven Spielberg's film Munich has caused quite a stir among supporters of Israel. Is this dramatization a fair portrayal of the Israeli reaction to the 1972 massacre of eleven Israeli athletes?

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Diagnosing the Conflict

Sara Ronis reviews Daniel Bar-Tal and Yona Teichman's 2005 book Stereotypes and Prejudice in Conflict: Representations of Arabs in Israeli Jewish Society. Can their prescription cure the Israeli-Arab conflict, or is their psychological theory out of touch with reality?

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Going Forward Without Sharon

Since Ariel Sharon's stroke in January 2006, his new party, Kadima, has also been in a state of limbo. As the March 28th election approaches, how will Sharon's party fare without its charismatic leader?

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Trapped by Tradition

The term agunah refers to a woman who cannot obtain a divorce, as her husband cannot be located. Today, this problem has expanded to include thousands of women whose husbands are not missing; rather, husbands simply refuse to grant their wives bills of divorce.

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